Rivera Travel

Friday, June 3, 2022

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Rivera Travel


I was tasked with building a modern and user-friendly website for Rivera Travel, a freelance project designed to boost their online presence and attract international clientele.

The focus was on showcasing the company's unique offerings and building trust with potential clients. I implemented a clear and visually appealing design that effectively highlighted Rivera Travel's services and benefits. Additionally, a dedicated "Reviews" section allows visitors to learn from past clients' experiences, fostering confidence in the brand. A streamlined contact form seamlessly directs inquiries to the business' WhatsApp for efficient communication.

My Role on this Project

As the freelance developer, I spearheaded the entire website creation process. This included crafting a detailed prototype using Figma to ensure client approval before development with Next.js. Throughout the project, I maintained open communication with the client, keeping them informed of progress through a dedicated Notion page. This page served as a transparent platform for both parties to track tasks and milestones.

Technologies I used for this project

Main Technologies

  • NextJS
  • CSS
  • Google Analytics

Secondary Technologies

  • WhatsApp API
  • GitHub
  • Vercel Hosting
  • Figma

Management Tools

  • Notion


Within the first three months, the new website generated impressive results. Rivera Travel saw a significant increase in organic traffic, reaching 27,000 visitors. More importantly, they experienced a substantial 28% growth in leads from international customers, highlighting the website's effectiveness in attracting a wider audience.